They get better as you go down I promise!

a bunch of themed commissions I did where I would take one’s fursona and turn them into their favorite game character!

a lot of these range in style and foundation, reason why was that I wasn’t really the best to start off, and as I went on, my stuff, well, GOT BETTER! XD

going down the list:

Tobio (my guy): Sly Cooper

Xan: as his final smash form

Xan again: as giga bowser!

Hotaru: as monk from FFXIV

Koge: Braum, from League of Legends

Sachiel: Gabriel belmost from Castlevania: Lord of Shadow

Hornet: Ike from Fire Emblem

Waffle: as the Ice Troll King; Tundle

Darkwolf (Darkie): Car suit Bowser

Tarke: Lynx, from Chrono Cross/Trigger

I’m working on another set of ten in the time being and about 7 slots are already taken, and I’m not afraid to do more! X3



They get better as you go down I swear! 

the remainder of my game commissions, the last of the bunch and their were outrageously fun to do! He we have 

Charlie:  as Dante from Devil May Cry

Lyin: as Ezio from Assassins Creed 2

Xan: as Bayonetta from  Bayonetta 2

Jake: as Link from Legend of Zelda

Mikey: as Megaman

ThunderDramon: as Mr Champloo from Disgaea

Hope ya’ll enjoy these, I certainly did making them,and I hope to make some more later in the future!